The aim of this report is to test XWiki Enterprise 6.2.2 and see that everything is working properly.

Tested Browsers & Databases

Here is the list of browsers we support and how they have been tested for this release:

BrowserTest Result
Chrome30.pngGoogle Chrome 37Not Tested
Firefox30.pngMozilla Firefox 33Jira Tickets Marked as Fixed in the Release Notes
IE30.pngInternet Explorer 8Not Tested
IE30.pngInternet Explorer 9Not Tested

Here is the list of databases we support and how they have been tested for this release:

DatabaseTest Result
hypersql.pngHyperSQL 2.3.2Jira Tickets Marked as Fixed in the Release Notes
mysql.pngMySQL 5.6.17Not Tested
oracle.pngOracle 11.2Not Tested
postgresql.pngPostgreSQL 9.3.4Not Tested

For the full list of tests see this page.

Jira Tickets Marked as Fixed in the Release Notes

Release Notes

TicketTest ResultTested by
Closed XWIKI-11222 SOLR search display Wiki facet while searching from a subwiki PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-11218 The title of a page appears under the "Edit" button on small screens PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-11216 Missing icons in the {{wikis/}} macro PassedAndreea
Closed XWIKI-11213 The new velocity engine cache key cache is not safe enough Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-11212 Any registered user can edit the default Flamingo theme PassedAndreea
Closed XWIKI-11210 When importing an extension don't remove unkown versions if they are valid Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-11204 The AnnotationConfigurationSource component should be a singleton Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-11203 Translations are not loaded if there is one with bad permissions Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-11199 Display the color themes ordered by name in the color theme displayer Passed Andreea
Closed XWIKI-11192 /save/ action should wait instead of getting the intialization progress Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-11190 The design of DW is broken during an upgrade between 5.4.5 to 6.2.1 PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-11185 Unable to change "@btn-font-weight" from the Flamingo Theme editor PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-11184 XWiki.LDAPProfileClass should be hidden Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-11180 Leftover context user on the BatchImporter scheduler job Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-11173 Add an Eye icon for Office documents on Flamingo PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-11171 Continuous loading screen after maximizing & previewing a page in the Wiki editor PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-11167 Change the location of the 'Add' menu by putting it back in the global top menu PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-11166 Add a 'Go to [entity]' entry in the navbar, while expanding the menu selection to the whole width PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-11154 Impossible to download extension file from REST when the extension file link is a URL that does provide return any content type Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-11152 js/smartclient/overwritesc.js resource is missing Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-11144 Missing translation keys for color theme in the Administration PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-11143 Add support for URL source in office viewer macro Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-11129 Wrong message received if you want to reset your password and the SMTP server isn't configured PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-11126 Wording issues on Administration -> Presentation PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-11120 When reset password fails to send an email no detailed explanation about the problem is displayed FailedManuel
Closed XWIKI-11087 Email column in UserDirectory is not linked PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-11082 Navigating to an other page inside the preview frame breaks the preview of the Flamingo Theme Application PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-11057 Unable to double click to edit an inline macro in WYSIWYG PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-11044 Even you are the creator of an (sub)wiki, the option "Request join" is active on Wiki Index PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-11035 Applications Panel's submenu items are misaligned when the Font Awesome Icon Theme is used FailedManuel
Closed XWIKI-11032 The "Reply" icon is not shown for an annotation PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-11012 The Annotations icon is not listed on More actions if you choose to display it from Page Elements PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-10932 Try to have the same height for "Variables" and "Preview" boxes on Flamingo Theme PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-10895 Options are overlapping with date and time of comments on mobile PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-10887 "Retrieve username" and "Reset password" buttons are not aligned with the "Username" and "Email" fields PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-10878 The buttons from deleting a space are different than the button from deleting a page PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-10867 The "Reply", "Edit", "Permalink" and "Delete" buttons are not exactly fitted in the background when you hover over your user PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-10865 The search bar from Extensions is too large on mobile PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-10864 Improve the display of comparing two document versions on mobile PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-10817 Layout issues with the Flamingo skin on Statistics PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-10745 Improve the display of available languages in Flamingo PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-10727 Make Livetables responsive with screen size PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-10571 Broken Annotations viewer PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-9440 Add menu should show Add>Page first, then Add>Space and last Add>Wiki PassedAndreea
Closed XWIKI-7168 Annotation positioning issue with white space annotated text PassedManuel
Closed XWIKI-6328 Wrong rendering of annotations on Blog PassedManuel
Closed XE-1435 Explicit link creation leftover in postgresql debian package Not Tested 
Closed XE-1434 Make sure to create the initial database with UTF8 encoding no matter what is the default postgresql configuration Not Tested 
Closed XE-1433 Can't create sub-wiki using Debian postgres package Not Tested 
Closed XE-1425 dpkg errors during upgrade from 6.1 to 6.2 Not Tested
Created by Manuel Smeria on 2014/09/30

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