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May 12 2017

Bug Fixing Day 142

This Thursday we had our Bug Fixing Day #142. We've managed to close 6 bugs (4 real fixes) with 4 participants. We are still at -58 bugs behind the 500 days period. ...

May 05 2017

Test Day 5

On May 5th we had our fifth Test Day. The priority was again to fix long standing flickering tests. Only one of the jira issues dedicated to flickering tests was fixed. ...

May 02 2017

Summary of 'XWiki Enterprise Feedback' (Jun 2016 - May 2017)

Since June last year we received 34 feedback responses (20 for 2016, 14 for 2017) for XWiki Enterprise. We have data for almost 1 year, being able to compare Stable 8.x with Stable 9.x in terms of the criteria: Usability, Simplicity, Stability, Design and Speed.  ...

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